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I'm Shannah

“Everyone’s Talkin’ Money” is my way of making content that’s even more inclusive. I want everyone to feel welcome, whether they’re just starting out in their career or on the verge of retirement because life is too fragile to be stressed out about money. I want to help people see their money as a tool they can use to create the life they want rather than something to be feared. And I do it by using stories (instead of stats) to break down complex topics into understandable chunks of knowledge.

There's nothing more I love then helping you unf*ck your relationship with money!

Why trust me as your money expert?

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve always been intentional about setting myself apart from the pack. In my early 20s, I created the nation’s first student film festival, which helped hundreds of undergrads get jobs in the entertainment industry. I eventually sold the festival to a top Hollywood executive and went on to a successful career as a Certified Financial Planner™, financial literacy professor, and public speaker, but the creator in me never went away.

Over the past seven years, I’ve been able to help alleviate suffering, stumbling blocks, and anxiety around money for millions of listeners, and it’s been one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever had the pleasure to do.

I’ve also been in the front row to see this little podcast prove once again (like the film festival before it) the ripple effects of a single venture can cause. Millennial Money went to #2 on Apple’s recommendation list and attracted a loyal audience for its hybrid of psychology and practicality. As one of the first to deliver money-related content in the podcast space, listeners tell me they like how I can translate complex ideas into comprehensive, easily understandable concepts. (It’s kind of my superpower.)

“The secret to money success is to figure out how to use the money you've got right now to live the life YOU want to live."

Why trust me as your money expert?

I’m not an old white guy wearing a suit who’s going to tell you what you have to do with your money. I’m not the host of an average money show who talks at you instead of with you.

I also don’t have all the answers. But you know what? As a money expert and Certified Financial Planner, and Certified Trauma of Money Specialist I’ve had a behind-the-scenes look at hundreds of people's money situations. And I know that success is not about making more money, it’s about using what you have in the best way to help you live the life you want.

My why is simple – one of the most important (and not-so-talked-about) pieces of money success is your thoughts and feelings around money: your beliefs, your mental blocks, and your story. How you feel about money matters a lot. Did you know that 80%-90% of your money decisions are based on your emotions? I'll help you work through it all and create a Mindful Money Plan for success. Personal finance is, well, personal, and that's how I like to talk about it. It's your life, you get to decide what works and doesn't work for you. I''m here to be your money guide!

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Here’s what I can offer you.

Everyone’s Talkin’ Money is an invitation to talk about money. To have safe conversations, to hear lots of different ideas, perspectives, tips, and techniques. And to choose what works for you, because money is personal.

After nearly 1200 episodes on topics from budgeting to the ever-critical money mindset, my podcast has reached the top 1%. My hope is that the next evolution of this podcast, “Everyone’s Talkin’ Money,” will appeal to all walks of life. I want to guide listeners to see money from a different lens — one that’s exciting and empowering instead of the elephant in the room that we all want to ignore. Come on in and join our conversation.