Debit Card vs. Credit Card: Which Card When

Debit Card vs. Credit Card

Debit card vs. credit card, which card should you use when? It may feel like plastic is plastic, but when it comes to your money, there are some distinct differences between a debit card vs. a credit card. In this Shannah Shares episode, I’m talkin’ about when you use which card, how to maximize your benefits, and some key distinct differences.

This episode was inspired by a question from Marcus who wrote: Shannah, thanks for the show. I’m learning a lot and enjoying actually hearing about money every week. Your guests are rad, so thanks for that. I got into this debate with my fiance the other night about credit cards vs. debit cards and at the end of the debate, we both realized that we really didn’t know when we should use each card. I thought I would come straight to you and see if you can help us figure it out. I currently have 2 credit cards and one debit card but I never know which one to pull out for day-to-day purchases and then for big purchases. Thank you again!


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