From $10K in Debt to $800K in Net Worth + Creating Financial Independence in the LGBTQ Community

Mastering money, building wealth, and getting ahead are hard enough even in the best circumstances. But the truth is we’ve seen discrimination be a factor in all sorts of money goals like getting loans for a house or even bank accounts when it comes to people of color and the LGBTQ community. Our guest, Jeff Underwood is as he says our wise-cracking gay best friend whose blog, Homo Money, is a fun and sassy personal finance site for the LGBTQ community. Jeff is sharing his super unique story about coming out of the closet personally AND financially and going from $10K in credit card debt to $800K in net worth. We talk about Jeff’s money story, his money transformation, the money discrimination that still exists in the LGBTQ community, and loads of money tips to find money in your bank account that you can use to pay off debt, start investing, and build wealth.


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How to FIRE as a single-person episode, Queer Money podcast

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