4 Important Factors To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Are you ready to put money back in your wallet and save money on your car insurance? So I love to travel and hope to get back to traveling, but when I do I always check comparison sites like Kayak or Expedia and Tripadvisor to find the best deals, because you know I love to have fun while saving money. Why not do the same for your car insurance? 

This episode might feel like I’m trying to force-feed you your veggies, but I promise that talking about car insurance with Nicole Beck, Head of Communications at The Zebra will change how you feel. Nicole shares the four biggest factors that go into what you pay, why having the cheapest policy isn’t always the best, when to shop for new insurance, how to save money right away, and what the heck to do if you’re actually in an accident. You have full permission to hit the pause button and grab your car insurance policy. This is one of those episodes where you’ll learn everything about car insurance that no one taught you.

save money on car insurance nicole beck

Meet Nicole

Nicole serves as Head of Communications at The Zebra, where she’s worked since 2017. She is passionate about sharing real-life information and advice to educate and inform. Speaking to The Zebra’s proprietary data with the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, the New York Times and broadcast segments in countless top markets in the U.S., she aims to demystify the often-confusing world that is insurance. At The Zebra, she leads the Communication team, overseeing PR, Social Media, Reputation Management, and Employer Branding. Previously, she worked in marketing and public relations for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts as well as for national CPG brands including Lindt, Purina, Glutino, LÄRABAR, General Mills and many more.

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