Raise your hand if you are as much of an HGTV junkie as I am? During the pandemic, I think I wore out HGTV, watching every single show and sometimes on repeat. I think if I had to choose another career, I would want to be an interior designer; I just love learning how to cultivate unique spaces. That’s why I was so excited to chat with our guest, Brea Elles. Brea is a design and construction specialist and is on the upcoming HGTV show, “Buy It or Build It”, creating and shaping interiors empathetic to each family’s lifestyles. And yes, I did totally geek out. Brea is such a unique and special human who shares all her tips on how to remodel your home on a budget. We talk about why Brea says you should ask yourself why seven times – why do I want to remodel my kitchen, why do I think I want an open kitchen, why do I want to do this remodel now, etc.  She also shares why you should spend money on the items in your house that you have an emotional connection to and that are going to make you feel happy when you’re in your house. We talk about how to save money when you’re remodeling, easy changes that will get you the best bang for your buck, how to create a home that truly feels authentic no matter what your budget is, and so much more.


Website: atelierhonnete.com


HGTV’s Buy It or Build It

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