How to Blast Away Debt in Record Time

How do you blast away debt? I’ll give you a hint, it is not about paying the minimum payment on your debts. That just keeps you spinning the wheels. According to Experian, the average total consumer debt in 2021 was $96,371 and the total credit card debt in 2022 was $890 billion. We could go down a slippery slope talking about how it benefits companies upon companies for you to be in debt, but that is a different episode altogether. The truth is, you want to get out of debt and you want to get out of debt fast. I get it. I have personally been in and out of debt a few times in life and maybe you agree, debt always feels like a heavy brick pressing you down. 

Our guest, Adam Carroll, has something called The Shred Method that is going to revolutionize how you think about debt and how fast you can get out of it. Adam paid off his home in record time saving over $180,000 in interest in the process and realized he had something he needed to share with everyone.


  • How you can blast away debt within 3-5 years (crazy, I know, but possible)
  • A mindset shift you need to get out of debt
  • How to blast away debt on any budget
  • How to pay off debt effectively
  • How to balance paying off debt while saving and investing
  • How to find financial freedom this year
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As always, if you’re in debt, I want you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you. This is a shame-free zone. Listen, take what works for you, and let’s get to blasting away your debt. Let’s start talkin’.

Everyone's Talkin' Money podcast with Adam Carroll and host Shannah Game



Through the use of The Shred Method, Adam Carroll paid off his home in record time saving over $180,000 in interest in the process. He’s sharing this strategy with the world in order to help people free themselves to be themselves. Adam has published four books, produced an award-winning documentary on student loan debt, has a TED talk with over 5 million views and helps people achieve true financial freedom in their lives. More than financial freedom, Adam is all about helping people achieve time freedom, relationship freedom, and service freedom.


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