How to Have a Successful Money Date

Let me share a little secret with you – I have a date every week. But this rendezvous doesn’t involve candlelight dinners or dressed-up evenings; instead, it involves my money. That’s right, I’ve been practicing the concept of “money dates,” and truth be told, it’s been a game-changer in reshaping my relationship with money. In this episode, I’ll walk you through how I set up my money dates and how you can structure yours in a way that aligns with what you want and makes them enjoyable.

I confess my financial journey has been a roller coaster ride, and money dates have been my safety harness. They’ve provided me with a platform for financial reflection and planning. We’ll explore some interesting techniques like setting intentions, creating a money manifesto, and more. And let’s not forget about the ‘why’ of our financial decisions – knowing that can be a powerful motivator during our financial highs and lows. We’ll also tackle the often-ignored concept of shedding the negative emotions tied to money and replacing them with positivity. So, buckle up as we embark on this transformative journey to improve our connection with money and turn these dreaded money conversations into enjoyable money dates.

Everyone's Talkin' Money podcast with Shannah Game, How to Have a Successful Money Date

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Money Date Episode Chapters

(00:10) The Importance of Money Dates
(15:08) Exploring Money Dates and Financial Reflection
(26:43) Money Dates, Letting Go, Importance

(00:10) The Importance of Money Dates

This chapter explores the concept of having a “money date” and why it is important in building a successful relationship with your finances. Shannah shares personal experiences and explains how a money date can help you reach your financial goals. The conversation also touches on the importance of understanding the “why” behind your financial decisions and how they can serve as motivation during difficult times. Shannah encourages listeners to customize their dates to make them more approachable and enjoyable. Overall, this chapter emphasizes the importance of regularly checking in with your money and having a plan in place to reach your desired financial destination.

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(15:08) Exploring Money Dates and Financial Reflection

This chapter explores the concept of why you need to date your money and how they can be a beneficial part of one’s financial practice. Shannah shares her personal experience with money dates and how they use them to check in on their thoughts and feelings around money. She also discusses the importance of having a positive mindset and how it can influence our actions towards money. Shannah emphasizes the freedom and flexibility in creating a money date that works for each individual, rather than following a specific structure. And also suggest incorporating creative activities into money dates to help stimulate new perspectives and ideas. Overall, this chapter encourages listeners to regularly schedule money dates as a way to improve their relationship with money.

(26:43) Money Dates, Letting Go, Importance

This chapter focuses on the importance of regular money check-ins and letting go of self-judgment and criticism when it comes to finances. We explore various ideas for making money dates fun and productive, such as setting intentions, upgrading money systems, practicing negotiation scripts, evaluating subscriptions, and creating a money manifesto. We emphasize the need to be mindful of unhealthy patterns and to use this time as a way to improve our relationship with money.


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