Stop Worrying. Stop Living Distracted. Start Paying Attention to What Matters

What are you paying attention to?

I have a habit of paying attention to things that don’t always serve me well. Using my phone as a distraction from real life or tuning into a guilty pleasure like 90 Day Finance and Love is Blind are escape mechanisms for me. Sometimes I wonder though, what am I trying to escape from? Responsibility? Work? Relationships? Money? Paul Angone, author of five best-selling books including “101 Secrets For Your Twenties,” and his new book, “Listen to Your Day,” believes that what you are paying attention to is a currency.



In this episode, you’ll learn how to stop worrying about what doesn’t matter, how to shift your focus, and how to start paying attention to the things that matter to you. Paul drops some serious knowledge on the power of paying attention and how it can impact various aspects of our lives, including money, career goals, and relationships. He emphasized that our time and attention are valuable currencies, and we need to be aware of where we are spending them.

So, how can you become more intentional about your attention and focus? Paul suggests starting with awareness and taking an audit of our day to see where we are spending our attention. By recognizing your habits and behaviors, you can begin to make conscious choices about where you direct your focus.

Paul also offers exercises in his book, “Listen to Your Day,” to help you become more intentional about your attention and focus. By creating new life practices and habits that direct your attention toward what truly matters, you can live a more purposeful life.

This episode also highlights the importance of recognizing your unique talents and abilities and harnessing your signature sauce to maximize your potential. By paying attention to your surroundings and thoughts and being intentional about where you direct your focus, you can find answers, clarity, peace, and joy.

Here’s to creating a life that is intentional, purposeful, and fulfilling.

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Phone Addiction [00:00:10]
The prevalence of phone addiction and social media distractions, and how it affects our ability to focus on important things.


Phone Addiction [00:00:10] The prevalence of phone addiction and social media distractions, and how it affects our ability to focus on important things.

The Power of Paying Attention [00:01:03] The concept of attention as a currency, and how it impacts various aspects of our lives, including finances, career goals, and relationships.

The Battle for Our Attention [00:04:07] The battle for our attention in a distracted, noisy, anxiety-ridden, hurry age, and how it affects our ability to do good work.

Awareness and Taking Inventory [00:09:02] The importance of awareness and taking an inventory of our day to figure out where we are spending our time and attention, and how it can help us become more intentional about our focus.

Awareness of Attention [00:09:42] The speakers discuss the importance of becoming aware of where we are spending our attention, and how phone addiction and social media distractions can impact our emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

Comparison and Addiction [00:10:35] The speakers talk about the prevalence of obsessive comparison disorder and obsessive connection disorder, and how social media can crush feelings of self-worth and wellbeing. They also discuss the addictive nature of social media algorithms and the importance of creating new life practices to direct our attention.

Unique Talents and Abilities [00:15:08] The speakers use the metaphor of a master chef to discuss the importance of harnessing our signature sauce, or unique talents and abilities, to create a flavor that only we can bring to the world.

Intentionality and Habits [00:18:36] The speakers discuss the role of intentionality in forming habits and practices to orchestrate our day and be intentional with our attention. They also talk about the importance of being aware of what is happening right in front of us, and not losing ourselves in the distractions of daily life.

The Theory of Intentional Blindness [00:19:24] Paul Angone talks about the theory of intentional blindness and how our attention is directed by our thoughts and intentions.

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The Power of Intentionality [00:20:10] Our thoughts direct our attention, and we can’t see something that we’re not looking for. Shannah shares her experience of how her thoughts influenced her feelings and actions around money.

Mindset Models [00:23:49] Paul Angone introduces different mindset models, such as the entrepreneurial mindset, and how they can help us practice attention and become more intentional in our daily lives.

Bringing Play into Life [00:26:33] Shannah and Paul Angone discuss the importance of bringing an element of play into life and experimenting with different ways of paying attention.

Writing a Book on Paying Attention [00:27:42] Paul Angone talks about how he decided to write a book on paying attention, and how his previous books were focused on helping people going through dramatic change and transition.

Shifting focus to paying attention [00:28:32] Paul Angone discusses how he shifted his focus to paying attention and listening to his day, and how it has helped him in his writing process.

Creating protected moments in your day [00:30:25] Paul Angone shares his new practices for protecting moments in his day, such as going on a walk or hike, and urges listeners to create their own protected moments to foster intentional attention and mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The power of nature [00:33:15] Shannah Game and Paul Angone discuss the power of nature in helping to alleviate anxiety levels, depression, and stress, and how getting out in nature can help create space to listen to your day and figure out what you’re actually paying attention to.

Paying attention to worthy things [00:35:28] Paul Angone asks the question, “What payment will you make with your life? Will you pay your attention to worthy things that matter or worthless things that are purely designed to distract?” He suggests focusing on your purpose, goals, and why to help fight distractions and stay focused on what really matters.

The Power of Paying Attention [00:00:00] Introduction to the episode and its focus on the impact of paying attention on different aspects of life.

Paul Angone’s Message [00:37:58] Discussion of Paul Angone’s message that having a greater purpose helps in paying attention, and the importance of intentionality in relationships, career, and finances.

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