The History of Eating Out and Why It Breaks Your Budget

Want to know what the biggest budget buster is almost unanimously…it’s the money you spend eating out. We all know that January is always a time when you’re trying to figure out how to do a lot of things differently, maybe even better. And money, of course, is always at the top of the list. It’s been said that the only two ways to better your money situation are to 1) earn more, or 2) spend less. Easier said than done for sure. But I thought it was time to dive into eating out to understand why we all love to eat out and do it no matter how loud our bank accounts are yelling at us not to.

Our guest, Katherine Spiers is the host of the Smart Mouth Podcast and a food history expert. Katherine believes the why behind eating out is simple…we’re all just plain exhausted. In this super fun episode, we talk about the history of eating out, how car culture lead to the fast food explosion and how that revolutionized how much money we spend eating out, and other fascinating trends in eating out that will give you some good trivia questions at your next dinner party. If you love eating out as much as I do, you’ll love this episode.


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